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"i never talk about myself. my work is me.
i do my best, and if i like it, i hope somebody
else likes it, too."


this site does not concern itself with steve ditko’s personal life, his
politics, philosophy or the brand of toothpaste he uses. it is simply
about his work, and the myriad places where that work has appeared
over the span of his incredibly prolific career: from comic books,
fanzines, magazines and books to toys, games, trading cards, video
and more. images of these diverse and multitudinous items are viewable
here, accompanied by text descriptions of publication data and
ditko-specific content.

i am deeply indebted to blake bell for the prodigious work he did
on his own
on-line checklist, which served as the foundation for this
site. i am indebted as well to bill hall and roy betts before him, who
co-compiled the original master checklist in bill's delightful fanzine
DITKOMANIA back in the early '90s. i have made every effort to
correct various errors and omissions that riddled those earlier
lists, some trivial, some not-so-much, but i can guarantee a slew of
gaffes, errors, flubs and outright mistakes of my own can likely
be found here as well. please feel free to call them to my attention.

special thanks go out to TIM BURDICK for supplying an ever-increasing
list of items i was totally unaware of; his generosity in sharing his
research has been incalculable to my work on this project. another big
thanks to ROB IMES for supplying covers for issues of DITKOMANIA
currently unavailable to me. more thanks to BOB BEERBOHM, BOB HEER,
and MIKE DELISA for steering me to ditko stuff. and thanks also to author
and fellow ditkomaniac J. BALLMAN for supplying info and images of
rare and expensive early marvel items, and to the legendary bernie bubnis
for invaluable information about ditko and the 1964 nyc comic convention.

i’ve arranged this site in a strict hierarchy, starting with general
categories: comics, periodicals, books, fanzines, trading cards and
miscellany. the comics section is broken down further by publisher
and then title. books are listed in chronological order of publication;
periodicals and fanzines are listed alphabetically by title; and trading cards by publisher. miscellany is the
catch-all page for everything that doesn’t strictly fit the other categories
(the aforementioned toys, games,
video, etc.
); these items are listed chronologically in order of production. additionally, there are sections
devoted to unpublished ditko works, a list of links to ditko-themed sites on the web, and pages of updates
noting items not found on existing ditko checklists.

i originally refrained from listing international reprints (with the exception of L’UOMO RAGNO #29, which was
the first publication of ditko’s original, never-before-seen cover art for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
simply for financial reasons: it would be prohibitively expensive to collect all those books and magazines,
particularly when my collection of u.s. releases is still incomplete. but after the publication of rob imes'
DITKOMANIA #88, i changed my mind on the subject and have begun listing ditko's work as reprinted in other
countries across the globe.

a word about the images on this site: unless otherwise specified, all the items displayed here are from my
personal collection. the snarky KRILL enjoining patience found scattered through the pages indicates an
item i do not currently possess; updates will be posted when these become available. all images -- and this
pertains most to comic book covers -- have been photoshopped to some extent to clean up chips, creases,
scuffing and to enhance color and clarity. i have made every effort to keep the images as close to their
original presentation as possible -- especially with ditko covers -- but, with older comics in particular, the
degree of reconstruction can be much greater and i have often had to "fudge" the art a bit. since this site
is intended more as a reference source than an art gallery, whatever minor alterations i’ve made will
hopefully be forgiven.

the text for this site was created using the comic book lettering font WILDANDCRAZY and is best viewed
that way.

anyone with information about ditko-related items NOT listed on this site, as well as persons willing to
take the time to share comments, criticisms or corrections, can contact me at


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