#16 sixteen

#17 seventeen

act 4

act 6

act 7 seven making 12 twelve of ditko's 32s

act 8 making lucky 13 thirteen ditko's 32s

a ditko #14

a ditko #15

a ditko act two

a ditko act 3

the avenging mind

avenging world

the cover series

ditko #5-five act

...ditko continued...

ditko, etc....

ditko once more

ditko package

ditko package - second edition

ditko presents

the ditko public service package

lazlo's hammer

the lonely one

the mocker

the mocker - second printing

mr. a. 2nd edition

oh no! not again, ditko!

out of this world


static - new edition

steve ditko's 32-page tsk! tsk! package

steve ditko's 80-page missing man package

steve ditko's 160-page charlton package

steve ditko's 160-page package

steve ditko's 176-page heroes package

..wha..!? 2nd edition

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